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Our Spring term topic is food and health and this week we will be looking at our favourite foods. What is your favourite food to eat? 


Can you draw a picture of your favourite food to eat. Ask your family what they like to eat, is it the same or different?

Have a look at this favourite foods song

Play this favourite food board game with your family, you will need a dice to roll onto the different foods and say whether they are a thumbs up or down!

This one of my favourite food experiments! See below a fun lemon experiment to try out.

Make a Lemon Volcano - Fun Science Experiment

Make a lemon volcano in this fun science activity! You just need a few simple kitchen ingredients for this colorful eruption.

What happened when you mixed the ingredients together?

What happens if you try different fruits? which one worked best?

We would love to see your experiments!!

Bubble freezing experiment - 

Make the most of the cold weather and have a go at freezing some bubbles, have a look at the link below which will give you some more tips on getting your bubbles to freeze. All you need is some bubble mixture and the cold outside.


We would love to see some pictures of your bubbles!