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This week we are going to listen to the Jolly phonics song that we often use when practicing our phonics can you spot our sound of the week? The 'e' sound? Can you copy the correct aciton?

Jolly Phonic Song for Kid Phase 2

This week we are looking at the 'e' sound watch the video by the phonics wizards to find out more. 
Now that you know all about the 'e' sound can you have a go at spotting some of the objects that begin with the 'e' sound in this picture?
Parking space sound game -
Write a couple of sounds that you have been learning on separate pieces of paper and gather some of your favourite toy vehicles. Get someone in your house to call out one of the sounds and see if you can park a vehicle on the sound that they have just called out. 
Can you have a go at writing your name on your own train ticket? You can copy or overwrite your name if you need to. You could maybe write out of the name of the place you are travelling to if you fancy a challenge! 
Can you try to cut out these pictures of things and places you might see if you were travelling on a train? 
We have learnt quite a few of sounds over the past few weeks. Have a look at these pictures and see have a go at guessing the initial sound for each one - which sound do they begin with? For more of a challenge can you write the letter beneath the picture? Overwriting or copying is fine too.