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This week we are learning about travelling by rail. Listen to this story about travelling on a steam train. 



Little Train! Read Aloud for Kids!

In this adventure, Engineer Small drives his little train from Tinytown to the city-and back. Along the way, the little train passes tunnels and stops at sta...

Did you enjoy the story? Have you ever been on steam train? This type of train looks a bit different to the ones that we are used to seeing. Can you look at some of the pictures in the story with someone in your house and use the pictures to try to describe what a steam train looks like? Are they big or small? Do you think they move quickly or slowly?


Sometimes we look in books to find out information. Listen to this read aloud book that tells you all about the different types of trains that you might see. 

MONSTER TRAINS - Read Along Story Book - FOR CHILDREN - Train Talk for Kids from Kids

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Did you like the book? Talk with someone in your house about your favourite train from the book. Can you talk about why it is your favourite train? Can you describe what it looks like? Maybe you could draw a picture. 
Have a look at these other train activities, can you draw a picture of something that you might see from a train window? 

Train window template

Here you can follow the steps to draw your own train.