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This week we are looking at buying and selling food. Watch this story about Maisy who goes shopping to buy some food for her lunch and then see if you can answer some of the questions about the story.



Maisy goes shopping

What is the place where Maisy went to buy her food called? Where did Maisy and Charlie put all of the food that they wanted to buy? What did they have to do before they could take all of the food home? Would you have brought the same items as Maisy and Charlie or would you have chosen something different for your lunch? Is the supermarket the only place that we can buy food?
Why not try some of these fun food and shopping activities......

Make a shopping showing some of the items that Maisy buys - watch the video again and either draw or write down some of the items that you see Maisy put into her shopping trolley. You could use the shopping list template below to help you or you could make your own.



Why not make your own supermarket at home? Use these printables to set up your own shop and practice buying and selling your own food. You could even use some of the food you have at home!


Have a go at this shopping cutting and sticking activity. Can you cut around your favourite foods and put them into your shopping basket?

Why not help a grown up decide what items you need to buy from the supermarket this week and work together to create a shopping list? Maybe you could think about a particular meal and what ingredients you would need to buy?



As an extra task can you try to name at least 3 other types of places that sell food as well as supermarkets?