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During week 2 we will revisiting the 'heavy' and 'light' concept in preparation for learning how to weigh ingredients. Please see below some videos and activities for you to try at home!

Heavy and Light | Learn Preschool Concepts |

Is It Heavy or Light? | Jack Hartmann Measurement Song

Jack Hartmann's Heavy or Light teaches the measurement concept of heavy and light.Compare heavy things to light things!

The best way to introduce 'heavy' and 'light' is to choose a handful of objects and use your hands to feel which one is heavy and which is light! Have fun finding some objects from around the home or outdoor space to measure with!


If you fancy a challenge you could try making one of the DIY balancers below! You will need resources you may find at home such as; a coat hanger, wool or string, plastic cups, a shoebox lid , toilet roll and some glue! If you want to make something abit stronger you could use a plank of wood and dowel to balance and measure with.

DIY hanger balancer

DIY shoe box balancer

DIY balancer