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Here is another phonics video that we love listening to in class!

Alphabet Animals

The sequel to our popular alphabet video, "Alphabet Animals" this time with even MORE animals for every letter of the alphabet! Learn animals and alphabet ph...

Here are some phonics activities for this week.....
Try these pencil control work sheets that contain some of our phase 2 phonics sounds. If you aren't able to print them you can copy some of the letters onto paper in a highlighter or coloured pen and then go over them in pencil. 
Look at these pictures of fruit, can you try to say the initial sound is for each one - the sound that the fruit begins with? How many could you guess? You could try looking around you house for other items of food and practice saying the first sound of the item or why not try it with your lunch or dinner! 

Phonics challenge -


We have been focusing on the sounds S,A,T,P,I,N,M,D,G,O,C,K in school. Can you find an item of food beginning with each sound? We would love to see some pictures of all the different foods that you find!