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This week we will be looking at where we buy our food from and what we do with the packaging it comes in. Can you have a look on the internet with your adult to look at different pictures of shops we might find food from? What about a super market or butchers? You could also look at greengrocers where we buy fruit and vegetables from.

Here is a fun activity you could do made with fruit!

Did you know that you could make a boat from fruit? Do you think a fruit boat would sink or float? Have a look at this fun experiment and make your own fruit boat! 
Did you manage to get your boat to float? What different types of fruit did you use? Was your boat able to carry a toy from one side of your container to the other? We would love to see some pictures!!

All of the food that we buy comes in some form of packaging from fruit to bread and it is important that we are aware of how to dispose it properly to make sure that we are looking after our planet! Watch the video below for an introduction to recycling.



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Now that you know a bit about recycling why not set up your own recycling station? Collect a variety of plastic and cardboard packaging and see if you can sort it into piles. Is it easy or hard to tell them apart? Have a look at the picture below of an activity being conducted in a class to give you some ideas!!