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Try these sensory songs/animations we like to play in class! they are very mesmerising and calming.

Hey Bear Sensory - Smoothie Mix!- Fun video with music and animation !

Welcome to Hey Bear Sensory Smoothie Mix! All your favourite fruit pals, and some new friends are here to get you and your family dancing around ! All of ou...

Hey Bear Sensory - Rainbow Dance Party! - Fun Video with colourful animation and music

Welcome to Hey Bear Sensory Rainbow dance party ! a beautiful world of engaging, colourful animations and great music ! Dancing rainbows, colourful clouds, t...

Hey Bear Sensory - Mindful Moon and Sleepy Stars- Wind down and Relax - Calming Bedtime Video

Download a printable colouring sheet here! everyone! Happy New Year! Here's our first work of 2021, a comforting, happy and calm...