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This week we are learning all about fruit and veg and have two fun stories for you to listen to!!


Ever wondered what happens to the fruits in your bowl when your fast asleep? Well.... with a wiggle and a jiggle you'll be surprised and never believe your v...

Did you enjoy the story? Which was your favourite part? Did you see any fruits that you like to eat? 


Can you have a go at drawing your favourite fruit? Maybe you could have a look in your fruit bowl and choose a couple of pieces to draw and make a picture of your own kitchen disco? Be as creative as you like and use which ever art materials you have at home! 


Supertato Veggies Assembled - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Books Alive! Read aloud Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet's fantastically funny bestselling superhero franchise Supertato! Watch out evil Pea!More funny reads here ...

Did you enjoy the story? Who was your favourite character can you describe them to someone? 


Why not try to create your own Supertato and veggie friends out of vegetables that you have at home? Take a vegetable give it some eyes, arms and even a Supertato mask! You could recreate part of the story with someone in your house.


Have a look at the link below for some veggie friends ideas!