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Try a taste and smell test! Engage your children to taste and smell different foods and see what they think. You could record their reactions on a piece of paper, what were their facial expression's like when tasting/smelling? What did they say/sign? Do they think it is a good or bad taste/smell? This is a great way to get your child to utilise their senses!

Frozen Veggie Sensory Play

Frozen vegetable sensory play is a great idea for your children to begin to engage in vegetables while playing with them and gaining a sensory impact - while your child plays with the frozen veg, have a conversation about what colours they can see! Discuss how good vegetables are for you, see if your child would like you to cook some of the frozen vegetables to try!

Please remember to send me pictures via class dojo if you try any of these sensory ideas!


Miss Hale :)