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This week we are learning about food from around the world, listen to the story and see how many different types of food you can spot!

My Food, Your Food | Multicultural | Food and Culture | Preschool | Read Aloud | Story

Let's go on a Multicultural Trip to learn about Food and Cultures in this Preschool Read Aloud Story, My Food Your Food! The story is written by Lisa Bullard...

Did you enjoy the story? Did you see any food that you like to eat? Which country did it come from?


Have a go at the My world kitchen game on the cbeebies website and practice some of the cooking skills needed to make delicious food! 



Have a look at the My World kitchen jigsaw on the Cbeebies website. Can you put the jigsaw back together to reveal which type of food it is? Can you guess what country the food may come from? 
If you would like to look a little more at some foods from around the world have a look at the My World kitchen recipes. There are lots to look at and you might even find some that you would like to make yourself. 
Why not test yourself on your knowledge of world food and see if you can match these dishes to the country that they come from?