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Here is another phonics song for you to listen to. How many sounds can you recognise? 


Phonics Song

A phonics song to help children learn the letter sounds.Written and performed by A.J. JenkinsCopyright 2009 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reservedThis is...

This week have a little bit of a closer look at the 'g' sound.
Now that you have learnt all about the 'g' sound can you have a go at spotting some pictures of items or animals that begin with 'g'.

Have a go at this fun sorting game which is a great way to practice your phonic sounds.


Target practice - 

Stick two or three sounds that your child is finding tricky on buckets or large containers. Find as many items and pictures as you can that start with the sounds. Time how long it takes to sort the items by throwing them into the correct buckets. Tip the buckets out and try again. See if you can beat your best time.

This week why not practice letter formation and handwriting in a fun way? Take a small tray or container such as a baking tray or a lunchbox and make a layer of glitter, rice or even rice crispies across the bottom. Next take a paint brush and practice writing some of the different letters that we have been learning about. Here are some ideas for mark making trays.

Here are another two games to have a look at this week a really fun way to practice your phonics.


Can you guess the animal at the zoo just by listening to the sound they make? 

Those who have been making a start on reading their own books from the school reading scheme might like a bit of a challenge and might like to try this game called 'Pick a picture' where you have to read a CVC word and match it to an image.