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Full and Empty | Lili & Torto's Opposite Show (Sesame Studios)

While Lili and Toro are picking berries, Torto's basket stays empty, but his tummy is full! "Full" and "Empty" are very very different. They're opposites!

Lets explore capacity! The most fun way to start learning about capacity is water play! You could let your child explore in the bath or in the sink for e.g. using funnels, containers, jugs, cups etc.


There are plenty of opportunities for learning lots of new mathematical vocabulary during water play and for seeing in a very visual way what a quarter, half, three quarters and full actually look and feel like.


They will be learning new skills during their play such as;  filling and emptying, understanding simple capacity and measures, non-standard units of measure, new vocabulary and recognising numerals. This will also help to practise motor skills by using control when pouring, stacking, pouring with funnels and bottles, and scooping water. 


Try one of the activities below with your child to explore capacity, there are some less messy activities you can use with dried rice and pasta for e.g. or marbles and pom poms if they prefer not to get wet/messy!

Use plain or coloured water with food colouring to fill and empty plastic bottles, you will need a sharpie to mark half full and full!

Measure with rice, can you fill a container full and half full?

You can measure with all sorts! pasta, rice, marbles...what else can you find?

Fill to the lines with pom poms. You will need a clear jar or cup and use masking or washi tape to make a half and full line. Get measuring!

Fancy challenge? Why not try half full and almost full in your measuring games? You could also count out the pom poms or marbles to see which one held more or less.