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Welcome to week 5 expressive art and design activities.

This weeks sub topic with in our main food topic is food from fairy tales. 


For your first activity 

Can you make a beanstalk out of playdough?

Don't forget to add your beans on 


For your second activity 

Can you make the porridge for bears from the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Top Tip 

when painting your porridge bowls add some porridge into the paint to give your picture some texture.

you can make your own porridge bowls or I have included some ready made bowls for you to paint.

Porridge bowls

For your third activity this week 

Can you cut out the food for Little Red Riding Hood's grandma and add it to her basket?

I hope you all have a fun and crafty week.

Below is some colouring for you to also enjoy.