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This week we are looking at food for special occasions. In the story 'The tiger that came to tea' Sophie and her mummy have planned a special afternoon tea and have lots of yummy food until the tiger comes along and eats it all! 

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Author: Judith KerrIllustrated by: Judith KerrRead by: Matthew WillsherThe doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it ...

Did you enjoy the story? What types of food did you see? Talk to someone in your house about the food that you would have if you were going to plan a nice lunch or tea party.
Thinking about the story use the sections on this book review as prompts to talk about the story with someone in your house. Who was you favourite character and why? Can you remember the order of the story? What happened first? What was the ending, did you like it? 

What would you do if your teacher came to tea? Can you guess one of your teachers favourite meals and then draw a picture of what you would give them if they turned up at your house for tea! 

Watch and listen to this story about celebrations around the world. Lots of celebrations include special food. There are many different foods from different cultures within the story, do you recognise any?

Let's Celebrate - Read Aloud #diversity #festivals #holidaysacrosscultures #crossculturalcelebration

Here is a wonderful book by Kate DePalma, 'Let's Celebrate! Special Days Around the World'. This is my first upload and I am really grateful to Epic Books fo...

Chinese New year is on the 12th of February this year. During Chinese New Year families come together to celebrate and eat lots of delicious food. Watch this story from time mark 3:17 to here about the different types of food that are associated with Chinese New year.   

Fortune Tales | The Story of Lunar New Year - watch from 3mins 17 seconds

In this video, learn all about the traditions and legends that make Lunar New Year one of the most exciting times of the year.