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Join in with this weeks phonics song and see if you can spot any of your favourite superheroes.


Alphabet Superheroes - ABC Superhero Song for Kids | Batman, Spiderman, PJ Masks, Incredibles, Hulk

Learn the alphabet ABCs with your favourite superheroes! How many superheroes do you know? There's Batman, PJ Masks, The Incredibles, Ninja Turtles, Hulk, Sp...

Have a look at the 'c' sound, can you show someone in your house the action we make for the 'c' sound?
Now that you know all about the 'c' sound can you spot the objects that begin with 'c' in this picture?
Now have a go at writing the letter 'c' if you can not print the tracing page writing the letter in highlighter on a piece of paper for your child to trace over. 

Trace the letter c

For a little challenge for those who have begun to read cvc words within their school reading books have a look at these worksheets and see if you can identify the missing letters by using your phonic knowledge and by looking at the pictures. 

Fun phonics activities - 


Name phonics:

Write out your name on a piece of paper or get a grown up to help you. Look around your house or outside space and see if can find objects that start with the same letter as each of the letters in your name. For example SAM (socks, apple and monkey).


Phonics lucky dip:

Put shredded paper, leaves or other suitable material in a large container and hide items that start with two or three sounds your child is currently learning inside. Stick the same sounds in the corners of the room or garden. The aim is for your child to try to guess what the objects might be as they take a lucky dip into the container and feel them without looking. When they have guessed and taken the object out, they can run to the correct corner of the room and place the object next to the correct sound.